Meet the Web Designer

                       My name is Lindsey Jameson!

I am here to help create the missing piece of your business. Creating an online presence in the online world is so important. The ONLINE world is where 94% of business' are found!
Here at Designs with Lindsey J, we make sure you get what you want, in the fastest time possible, and that it functions properly.
My mission is to give you a great customer experience, deliver exceptional results, and sky rocket your business.
I can't WAIT to push your success to the next level!


Lindsey J.

Your Website Developer!


First we meet up to get to know your business and also share ideas on what you like. This gives us an idea of what your brand and business are all about so we can showcase that through the initial design.

Lets chat



Next, we start the designing process. This is where we begin to form the wireframe for your site and get the brand colors and theme sorted out. We will work closely with you during this step to ensure you are getting the results you want. 


After the designing phase, I go into developing the site itself. I will keep you updated throughout this process with drafts to ensure you like the progress we are making. 


Finally, after you approve the final design, we are ready for LAUNCH! I will push your site to a live server and then depending on what package you choose, I will monitor your site to ensure prime optimization and functionality. 

WHy use us?

You own the site!

We believe once you pay for the site, it fully belongs to you, including the domain.

Proper seo optimization

Your SEO settings will all be taken care of to attract more customers to your site. 

Payment Plans

We understand how important a website is to your business. We offer flexible payment plans.

Fast Customization

We offer completely custom sites that will set you apart in a record amount of time. 

Designs with lindsey J.